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Jeff McMillan, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
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AI opens up new frontier for wealth management

Private banks believe new technology has the ability to deepen client relationships, though stringent measures must be in place to ensure responsible use

Innovation in wm
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Innovation in wealth management

Watch highlights from PWM's recent Innovation in Wealth Management summit

Nic Dreckmann, Julius Baer
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Julius Baer takes top down approach to innovation

Nic Dreckmann, Julius Baer’s chief operating officer, believes strong leadership is vital to fostering a creative atmosphere within banks

GET robo advice
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Robo-advisers come of age

Advances in AI technology mean robo-advisers can offer a more personalised service and therefore build trust and engagement with investors, argues Reginald Warlop

Christine Gill, BNY Mellon Wealth Management
From FinTech

Younger generations urge family offices to embrace digital world

Family offices’ adoption of technology has risen drastically in recent years though there is still a long way to go

James Gifford, Credit Suisse
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Finding and funding the technologies which can meet the climate challenge

Meeting net zero emissions targets will require an entirely new range of technologies to be made commercially available at an unprecedented pace and global scale, requiring extraordinary investment capital

Nigel Green, de Vere Group
From FinTech

Lessons learned from the FTX fiasco

The collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX has shaken confidence in the sector, but should result in greater regulatory scrutiny and therefore increased protection for investors

Mariam Rassai, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
From FinTech

BNP Paribas embraces external expertise to fulfil digital ambitions

Mariam Rassai, head of digital transformation and data at BNP Paribas Wealth Management, explains how strategic partnerships are key to improving the client experience

Charles Chang
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: China’s digital currency challenge

China has aggressively rolled out the e-CNY but the initiative has met with only partial success so far

Joe Parkin, BlackRock
From FinTech

‘Perfect storm’ of personal investing and technology transforms wealth market

BlackRock’s UK distribution supremo Joe Parkin explains how people having to take responsibility for their retirement has changed how the wealth industry serves its customers

Kelli_Keough small
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Focusing on the customer, not the product, to win back trust

JP Morgan’s Kelli Keough talks to PWM about how analysing the behaviour of investors can help boost the relationship with advisers in a more client-centric future

Schuyler Weiss, Alpian
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: A Swiss private bank in the palm of your hand

Digital private bank Alpian is targeting the mass affluent segment with a client-centric business model

Michael Reinhard, Universal Investment
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Asset managers must innovate to thrive in digital age

Innovation in asset management is not just about creating new products but about fostering an innovation culture, argues Michael Reinhard

Anna Zakrzewski, Boston Consulting Group
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Private banks prepare to take crypto plunge

Wealth managers may have been slow to embrace digital assets, but with client demand increasing, many are now looking for the best way to boost their offerings

Azamat Sultanov, Fortu Wealth
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Is now the time to dive into crypto markets?

Crypto assets have gone mainstream, believes Azamat Sultanov, co-founder of Fortu Wealth, and with prices having dipped to pre-pandemic levels he believes now is the time to invest

Willem Sels, HSBC
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Should investors care about the metaverse?

We stand at the threshold of a new 3D virtual world of the metaverse. Where are the opportunities for investors?

Andrew Catterall, JP Morgan
From FinTech

Private banking moves from paper trails to personalised service

Technology has transformed the adviser-client relationship, although the journey still has a long way to run with advances in AI and big data in their early stages

Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Tech for women, by women

Most clients of investment platforms are male, but a number of start-ups founded by women are looking to change that

Anders Kvamme Jensen. AKJ
From FinTech

Investors keen to catch rising crypto tide

Yuri Bender speaks to Anders Kvamme Jensen, founder and chairman of the AKJ crypto fund platform, about the latest crypto developments

Bitcoin green
From FinTech

Do cryptocurrencies present an opportunity or a risk?

Nick Neuman, CEO at Casa and Daniel Murray global head of research and deputy CIO at EFG Asset Management, discuss how investors should approach bitcoin

Joseph Poon, DBS
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Private banks utilise technology to tempt younger generations

Millennials may be sceptical of private banks and financial advisers, but a digital approach may yet win them over

Azamat Sultanov, Fortu Wealth
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: A digital private bank for the millennial generation

Fortu Wealth aims to become a digital private bank for high net worth millennials, believing this to be a group disillusioned by more traditional wealth management offerings

Antoine Loth, VALK
From FinTech

Private View Blog: Blockchain, tokenisation and private markets – the $200tn opportunity

Private markets have been slow to digitise. It is time to press ahead

Mariam Rassai, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Marriage of ESG and technology a way to win millennial hearts

Technology which helps align clients’ ESG values with their investments can help private banks attract a younger customer base

Charles Chang
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Digital revolution heralds dawn for green finance

Finding global solutions to climate change will require colossal amounts of funding, and technology can help make this a reality

Steve Meyer
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Pandemic prompts relationship re-think

Covid-19 has changed the way both businesses and individuals interact with each other, says SEI’s Steve Meyer, though important as has technology has become, the personal side cannot be ignored

Zeynep Hizir, SS&C Technologies
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Why intelligent automation can lead to a better client experience

By combining robotic process automation with artificial intelligence, financial firms will be able to free up their staff to really focus on clients, claims Zeynep Hizir from SS&C Technologies

Edouard Thijssen, Trusted Family
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Moving the family office online

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced family offices to adopt new technology at pace, helped in no small part by the engagement of younger family members

Georgia Stewart, Tumelo new
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: How tech-fuelled transparency can help shine a light on ESG

Start-up Tumelo, which allows pension scheme members to see how their pots are being invested, is now taking aim at the private banking industry

Katie Knox, Bank of America
From FinTech

Winning new business amid social restrictions

As developing trust through personal contact is crucial to acquiring new clients, Covid-era advisers are having to learn new technology-aided techniques to help them expand their business book

Wendy Cai-Lee, Piermont Bank
From FinTech

How technology can help women and minority-led businesses

Piermont Bank founder Wendy Cai-Lee talks about the digital lender she set up to serve small US entrepreneurs

Ned Phillips, Bambu
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Bambu shoots for the stars

Singapore-based robo-advice group Bambu has ambitious plans to become a global leader in wealthtech, says co-founder Ned Phillips

Jeroen van Oerle, Lombard Odier Investment Managers
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Banks wary of ‘big tech’ count blessings of regulation

The stringent rules banks have to adhere to are stopping big tech players from becoming direct competitors, with closer co-operation more likely

Tech spend
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Making digital pay

Wealth management firms are spending more money then ever on technology but need a new approach to these investment decisions

Zoom teaser
From FinTech

Fintech on Friday: Wealth managers must pick a side of the digital divide

Firms have been forced to innovate to stay close to clients during the coronavirus pandemic and going forward must strike a balance between the new ways of doing business and the old high-touch approach

Apiramy Jeyarajah, Aviva Investors
From FinTech

Asset managers must modernise method and message to meet client expectations

As the coronavirus pandemic reshapes our working lives, asset managers must find new ways to interact with their clients, says Avia Investors’ Apiramy Jeyarajah

The Startup Show: 3AI

Artificial intelligence is about to transform an asset and wealth management industry not previously known for its dynamism, 3AI CEO Jacob Ayres-Thomson tells PWM's Yuri Bender

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