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Willem Sels, HSBC
From FinTech June 17, 2022

Fintech on Friday: Should investors care about the metaverse?

We stand at the threshold of a new 3D virtual world of the metaverse. Where are the opportunities for investors?

Azamat Sultanov, Fortu Wealth
From FinTech June 10, 2022

Fintech on Friday: Is now the time to dive into crypto markets?

Crypto assets have gone mainstream, believes Azamat Sultanov, co-founder of Fortu Wealth, and with prices having dipped to pre-pandemic levels he believes now is the time to invest

Andrew Catterall, JP Morgan
From FinTech December 15, 2021

Private banking moves from paper trails to personalised service

Technology has transformed the adviser-client relationship, although the journey still has a long way to run with advances in AI and big data in their early stages

Anders Kvamme Jensen. AKJ
From FinTech January 12, 2022

Investors keen to catch rising crypto tide

Yuri Bender speaks to Anders Kvamme Jensen, founder and chairman of the AKJ crypto fund platform, about the latest crypto developments

Sallie Krawcheck, Ellevest
From FinTech September 5, 2021

Fintech on Friday: Tech for women, by women

Most clients of investment platforms are male, but a number of start-ups founded by women are looking to change that

Bitcoin green
From FinTech August 11, 2021

Do cryptocurrencies present an opportunity or a risk?

Nick Neuman, CEO at Casa and Daniel Murray global head of research and deputy CIO at EFG Asset Management, discuss how investors should approach bitcoin

Joseph Poon, DBS
From FinTech July 2, 2021

Fintech on Friday: Private banks utilise technology to tempt younger generations

Millennials may be sceptical of private banks and financial advisers, but a digital approach may yet win them over

Azamat Sultanov, Fortu Wealth
From FinTech June 25, 2021

Fintech on Friday: A digital private bank for the millennial generation

Fortu Wealth aims to become a digital private bank for high net worth millennials, believing this to be a group disillusioned by more traditional wealth management offerings

Antoine Loth, VALK
From FinTech June 24, 2021

Private View Blog: Blockchain, tokenisation and private markets – the $200tn opportunity

Private markets have been slow to digitise. It is time to press ahead

Mariam Rassai, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
From FinTech June 18, 2021

Fintech on Friday: Marriage of ESG and technology a way to win millennial hearts

Technology which helps align clients’ ESG values with their investments can help private banks attract a younger customer base

Candidate search
From FinTech June 3, 2021

Asia’s drive to digital sparks bidding war for tech talent

To succeed, wealth management firms will need to take a hybrid approach of ‘tech touch’ and ‘high touch’ to meet client needs

Darshita Gillies, Maanch
From FinTech May 19, 2021

Using technology to maximise impact

The Maanch platform aims to make the fragmented philanthropy ecosystem more efficient through the use of collaborative technology, says founder and CEO Darshita Gillies

Steve Meyer
From FinTech May 14, 2021

Fintech on Friday: Pandemic prompts relationship re-think

Covid-19 has changed the way both businesses and individuals interact with each other, says SEI’s Steve Meyer, though important as has technology has become, the personal side cannot be ignored

Charles Chang
From FinTech May 7, 2021

Fintech on Friday: Digital revolution heralds dawn for green finance

Finding global solutions to climate change will require colossal amounts of funding, and technology can help make this a reality

Zeynep Hizir, SS&C Technologies
From FinTech April 30, 2021

Fintech on Friday: Why intelligent automation can lead to a better client experience

By combining robotic process automation with artificial intelligence, financial firms will be able to free up their staff to really focus on clients, claims Zeynep Hizir from SS&C Technologies

Georgia Stewart, Tumelo new
From FinTech April 16, 2021

Fintech on Friday: How tech-fuelled transparency can help shine a light on ESG

Start-up Tumelo, which allows pension scheme members to see how their pots are being invested, is now taking aim at the private banking industry

Edouard Thijssen, Trusted Family
From FinTech April 2, 2021

Fintech on Friday: Moving the family office online

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced family offices to adopt new technology at pace, helped in no small part by the engagement of younger family members

Katie Knox, Bank of America
From FinTech March 8, 2021

Winning new business amid social restrictions

As developing trust through personal contact is crucial to acquiring new clients, Covid-era advisers are having to learn new technology-aided techniques to help them expand their business book

Wendy Cai-Lee, Piermont Bank
From FinTech February 26, 2021

How technology can help women and minority-led businesses

Piermont Bank founder Wendy Cai-Lee talks about the digital lender she set up to serve small US entrepreneurs

Ned Phillips, Bambu
From FinTech February 5, 2021

Fintech on Friday: Bambu shoots for the stars

Singapore-based robo-advice group Bambu has ambitious plans to become a global leader in wealthtech, says co-founder Ned Phillips

Jeroen van Oerle, Lombard Odier Investment Managers
From FinTech December 4, 2020

Fintech on Friday: Banks wary of ‘big tech’ count blessings of regulation

The stringent rules banks have to adhere to are stopping big tech players from becoming direct competitors, with closer co-operation more likely

Tech spend
From FinTech November 20, 2020

Fintech on Friday: Making digital pay

Wealth management firms are spending more money then ever on technology but need a new approach to these investment decisions

Zoom teaser
From FinTech September 18, 2020

Fintech on Friday: Wealth managers must pick a side of the digital divide

Firms have been forced to innovate to stay close to clients during the coronavirus pandemic and going forward must strike a balance between the new ways of doing business and the old high-touch approach

Apiramy Jeyarajah, Aviva Investors
From FinTech September 17, 2020

Asset managers must modernise method and message to meet client expectations

As the coronavirus pandemic reshapes our working lives, asset managers must find new ways to interact with their clients, says Avia Investors’ Apiramy Jeyarajah

Sharmil Patwa, Opus Una Financial Services Consulting
From FinTech August 28, 2020

Fintech on Friday: Robo-advisers and the future of financial planning

Robo-advisers must identify new revenue streams and find an efficient balance between automated services and human interaction if they are to become commercially successful

David Durlacher, Julius Baer
From FinTech July 7, 2020

Julius Baer embraces digitalisation and data to transform client experience

Private banks will only survive if they adopt new ways of doing business, believes David Durlacher, CEO of Julius Baer International

Charles Chang
From FinTech June 24, 2020

The paperless potential of China’s digital currency

The digital RMB has the potential to stimulate both the Chinese and global economy, as well as benefitting the poorest in society

Covid app
From FinTech June 24, 2020

Swiss wealth management needs more than tradition to stay on top

The Swiss wealth management industry is facing numerous challenges and must do more to embrace digital solutions if it is to remain the market leader

Simran Kang
From FinTech June 19, 2020

Fintech on Friday: Time for family offices to embrace technology and flourish in the modern world

Many family offices have been slow to adopt the latest digital solutions but they must if they are to remain relevant to a younger client base

Jonathan Curtis, Franklin Equity Group
From FinTech May 14, 2020

Tech stocks proving their immunity to coronavirus

Many technology companies have benefitted from the behavioural changes caused by enforced lockdowns, and despite fierce competition in the sector, the big players look likely to become even more dominant

From FinTech May 8, 2020

Fintech on Friday: E-commerce trailblazers provide examples of how to deal with unforeseen disruption

As wealth managers adapt to the ‘new normal’, what can they learn about digital transformation from e-commerce?   

Jennifer Miller
From FinTech June 5, 2020

Using technology to turn obstacles into opportunities

Covid-19 has reinforced the need for private banks to transform their digital offerings, which will mean improving the client experience and efficient use of data, explained Jennifer Miller from US tech provider Vuture in a recent PWM webinar

Luxury hotel
From FinTech May 5, 2020

Can the hospitality industry teach wealth a trick or two?

The luxury hotel industry illustrates how efficient data capture can improve the client experience and why many customers prefer digital interaction

Doug Fritz, F2 Strategy
From FinTech April 3, 2020

Fintech on Friday: Wealth managers changing their ways

US wealth firms expected their digitalisation journeys to last years, but Covid-19 is forcing them to carry out immediate, and permanent, changes to the way they do business

Alessandro Tonchia, Finantix
From FinTech March 30, 2020

Coronavirus crisis to reshape private banks' digital offerings but also strengthen human voice

The coronavirus crisis means huge changes for private banks and wealth advisers, claimed Alessandro Tonchia, co-founder of Finantix, in PWM's first wealthtech webinar, with digital channels coming to the fore, but human interaction more important than ever

Now in their fifth year, the PWM Wealth Tech Awards recognise the prominent role of technology in private banking.

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